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Most of us face psychological hardships and distress at some point in our lives. Common psychological hardships include stress, anxiety, worry, difficulty making life choices, mood changes, and recurring problems in (intimate) relationships. We all experience these difficulties to some extent, some of the time. However, sometimes distress and suffering become overly intense and prolonged, making it too difficult to cope with and understand on our own.

If you experience psychological distress and need help, I am here to support you. There is no  reason to deal with suffering alone, and seeking professional help is nothing to be ashamed of. Moreover, many times psychological difficulties do not disappear by themselves if left untreated.

My therapy aims to support you in coping, gaining insights for relevant changes, and eventually feeling better. I will listen and guide you empathetically in your process. I assist you in gaining better insight and awareness into the causes of your distress and how to process and change them. I also help you find efficient ways to cope and alleviate your distress. In therapy, I integrate various approaches to best suit your specific personal needs. If you are unsure whether you need or want to start therapy do not hesitate to contact me for some initial advice (free of charge).