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International therapy and coaching

BrightMind provides psychological services for Dutch and for international clients living in the Netherlands. BrightMind is led by registered psychologist Drs. Roy Kamienchik and provides tailored service. The services include effective therapy and coaching for adults and adolescents and are delivered in English, Dutch, and Hebrew. Importantly, there is no need for a referral from a GP (huisarts).

Both therapy and coaching are meant to support and help you, the client, in attaining a certain desirable change. However both approaches somewhat differ from each other in style and goals.

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-“I did one year of therapy with Roy, and definitely recommend him to anyone searching for the right therapist. As a result, Roy creates a welcoming and open atmosphere, is very down-to-earth and shows that he genuinely cares. I originally started therapy with him because I wanted to get to know myself better, and was thrilled to have found a therapist who is an expat just like me. After a year of therapy, I left with the added knowledge of useful coping mechanisms, allowing me to deal with the uncertainties and stressors of life in a calmer and healthier manner. Overall, I made a very positive experience!”

“I saw Roy on a regular basis for almost 2 years. During these 2 years I grew more as a person than I have done possibly during my entire life before that. He has helped me to do things and enable parts of myself that I thought was simply impossible for someone like me (or rather; the person I was). Roy is truly professional, very caring, utmost trustworthy, and gives you the impression that he wants the best for you long-term. If you are in need of therapy I cannot recommend Roy enough!”

-“The most significant aspect of Roy is his care and interest in you as a patient. This truly makes the entire process feel very friendly and comfortable. He hears your thoughts and always cares & keeps your wishes in mind. The sessions can be flexible and tailored to your need. Highly recommended.”

-“I had therapy with Roy for almost a year, every week. During the whole of my entire treatment, I felt very understood and Roy genuinely cares for his patients- its not just his job. The atmosphere is nice and actually made made me open up to things I have never allowed myself to talk about. I really appreciate his caring attitude, his creative ways of learning and the progress I made during therapy. Even though I terminated my treatment, I know that I can always go back if I have an issue. Thank you!”

-“When I met Roy at a time, I was experiencing strong psychological distress, while faced with difficult life decisions. After a few sessions, I already felt empowered to make those decisions and live with their implications and the uncertainty that they entailed. After a few months of therapy, I was clearly more skilled with dealing with episodes of anxiety and also with other emotional issues. Finally, within a year, much of the fears, tensions and stress that had slowly accumulated over my entire life was dissolved. Moreover, It is much more natural now to deal with all kinds of problems and to positively embrace life at every level and in every context. As a result, I am very grateful to Roy for his patience, attentiveness, gentleness and remarkable sensitivity.”

-“Roy helped me overcome my fear of flying in a couple of session. Although, I have a pretty strong will, so I tried for years to overcome it by myself and failed. Things like rationalizing the experience or controlling the fear did more damage than help I couldn’t fly more than 3 hours, and only accompanied by my wife and using magnesium pills. Since then I flew all the way to Bali, stopped taking pills and recently I even did my first solo flight. It was such a liberating experience and I’m forever grateful for Roy’s help.”

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Therapeutisch Centrum Leiden

Ithaca Psychotherapie Praktijk 

Expat Centre Leiden Region 

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